Jessica & Chris' Dogs Have The Best Pet Fence Around And Yours Should Too!

Pet Fence Canada has been helping owners like you keep their pet’s safe for over 25 years with the Pet Stop brand hidden dog fence.  That’s why we are recommended by people you know!

Featuring a 100% containment guarantee, options to suit every budget (including financing), lifetime warranty, and help just a phone call away, Pet Fence Canada is your first and only choice for giving you the peace of mind to Let Your Dog Run!

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OH YES! vs OH NO!!

(Inside Your Dogs Mind)

You love your dog, she is amazing, but she sees the world quite differently than you. 

When she thinks OH YES!… you think OH NO!! 

Is that an open gate, oh yes! … you are thinking OH NO!

Is that a squirrel to chase, oh yes! …you are thinking OH NO!

That Frenchie next door is gorgeous, oh yes! …you are thinking OH NO!

Looks like a deer over in the field, oh yes!… you are thinking OH NO!

Why is that chicken crossing the road, oh yes! … you are thinking OH NO!

A red truck, oh yes! … you are thinking What’s Up With That???

We put an end to “OH NO! “ moments and better yet, make sure they never happen at all.

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How Does An Invisible Dog Fence Work?

Your dog needs and wants boundaries that she can respect and protect. In the wild, boundaries were naturally imposed by Mother Nature. Your pet fence system mimics mother nature by creating a boundary that surrounds your property or safe play area with a wall of radio signal. Your dog cannot get over it or dig under it and learns that she can’t run through it.

Your dog gets an early warning tone, telling her she is close to her boundary. This tone is usually the only reminder she needs. However, if her adrenaline is pumping, and she is thinking Oh Yes! to that squirrel, she then gets a stimulation from the receiver (collar). The stimulation doesn’t hurt but startles her out of her adrenalin focused rush and she stays in her safe play area.

It is the perfect combination of behavior modification and technology that keeps her right where he is supposed to be.

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Which Dog Fence Is The Best? We Only Use Trusted Technology From The Pet Stop Brand

Your pet is part of the family and at Pet Fence Canada we want to help keep your pets safe and secure. That’s why we specialize in electric dog fences designed to keep pets in (or out) of certain areas as needed. Our professionally installed dog fence systems come with lifetime warranties on both the collar and transmitter so you can rest assured knowing that your pet will be protected for years to come.

For many years the Pet Stop Brand has been the experts in dog fence technology.

The Pet Stop brand is so trustworthy that John Purtell, Founder of Invisible Fence™  joined Pet Stop in 2001.

Receivers (The Collar Your Dog Wears)

A pet fence receiver from Pet Stop

From Puppy to Princess, no matter your dogs’ temperament or personality, there are hundreds of setting combinations in our dog fence receivers (collars) to meet your pet’s needs. Pet Stop dog fence receivers come in a variety of options.

Mother Nature takes care of her own and we follow her example with technology that is comfortable for your dog to wear and easy for you to use.


Super lightweight & compact for wearing all day

Powerful, no-nonsense batteries that last a long time. Regular or rechargeable

Easy to program (if needed)

Gentle Steps training with puppy mode

Settings even for stubborn dogs

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Containment Guarantee

We understand that keeping your pet safe is a top priority and our Pet Stop brand dog fence system is the best solution, there is simply no escaping it.
Our Containment Guarantee gives you the peace of mind that your dog will always be right where she is supposed to be.

A Pet Stop brand dog fence is the perfect combination of technology and behavior modification that keeps your dog safe.
Pet Fence Canada makes sure the same thing happens in the exact same place every time so your dog becomes totally conditioned to their boundaries.

Your dog can’t see the signal field created by the Pet Stop dog fence system so she thinks it goes on forever, and that there is nothing to escape from it. She will give up trying, content to respect and protect the boundary you set for her.

Reach out to Pet Fence Canada for a no-obligation quote. We know our dog fence systems will cost less and be more effective than many other containment solutions, and last for the lifetime of your home.

How Long Does It Take To Train A Dog On A Pet Fence System?

Play & Train is a fun experience for both you and your dog. Training can take as little as 10 minutes a day for one week and you will be excited to see how quickly your dog will learn her boundaries and how eager she is to please you.

It is play with a purpose and we give you all the guidance and support you need to make sure your dog always stays right where she is supposed to be.

You will love how easy training with your new dog fence from Pet Fence Canada is and you’ll love having the peace of mind to let your dog run.

Reach out to Pet Fence Canada for a no-obligation quote. We know our dog fence systems will cost less and be more effective than many other containment solutions, and last for the lifetime of your home.

How Much Does An Invisible Dog Fence Cost?

Pet Stop brand dog fences are affordable and can be customized to meet your needs.

From professionally installed pet fence systems to DIY systems Pet Fence Canada has an option to suit everybody.

Your home is unique and so are your needs. Let Pet Fence Canada give you a free a customized no obligation quote.

Financing your pet fence purchase with our partner Financeit can offer several benefits.

Firstly, it allows you add your pet fence purchase to your monthly household expenses and spread out the cost of the fence over a longer period, making it more manageable.

This means you don’t have to pay for the full cost upfront. Additionally, Financeit offers competitive interest rates, which can be lower than other financing options available.  This can save you money in the long run and reduce the overall cost of the fence.

Finally, applying for financing with Financeit is quick and easy, with a simple online application process and quick approval times, allowing you to get your pet fence installed as soon as possible.

A pet fence system from Pet Fence Canada

What Is The Warranty On A Pet Stop Dog Fence?

We offer world class products with amazing no hassle warranties.
All professionally installed Pet Stop brand pet fences include UltraCare to protect your pet fence equipment from accidental damage.
With the ultimate protection offered by Pet Stop’s UltraCare coverage you never have to worry about situations like…

OH NO… I ran over the collar!
OH NO… The Dog Chewed The Collar!
OH NO… The Kids Broke The Transmitter!
OH NO… A Bolt of Lighting Zapped The Transmitter!

What Are People Saying About Us?

Super friendly , accommodating and fast service perfect all round.
greg martell
greg martell
Excellent Service. Tim runs a business like a pro. He is ALWAYS pleasant and responds immediately!
Red Fox
Red Fox
Tim helped me purchase Plexdor and arrange the installation. Thanks to his effort, my dogs have access to the yard right after we have moved into a new house. A great product and great services, Thank you!
Yuko Muramatsu
Yuko Muramatsu
Pet Stop installed an electronic fence for us a few years ago. It worked very well. We are very happy about the quality of the job and the after-sales service they provided. We would strongly recommend them to whoever need an electronic fence for their pets. Plus, Tim is a great guy to work with.
shawn liu
shawn liu
We've had our PetStop system on our acreage for 15 years, it's still going strong. Nothing but good things to say about the service they continue to give us today.
Cory Wagner
Cory Wagner
We’ve been happy customers for over 8 years. The customer service we’ve received is one of the highlights of the system. The system works amazingly well and we recommended it to our neighbors. 2 of our neighbors now have this system and are happy as well:)
Up N Built Construction Ltd
Up N Built Construction Ltd
The team at Pet Fence Canada (formally Pet Stop Canada) are technically amazing, professional and love animals with all their heart. I thank Tim and his team for now giving our dogs the freedom to roam around the two acres of land carved out for them. When installing the system the team arrived on time, and they were fully equipped to do the job. We received learning materials, safety signs for the public to know we had the new system, and to announce that the dogs were learning/ running free. PFC also made sure we had reference material and strong technical support for guidance. This is a turnkey operation, and we did not even need the tip sheet, the system ran falsely. We would highly recommend Pet Fence Canada and I know our 19-month-old German shepherd husky cross would say “thank you for making my dreams come true and allowing me to run free.”
Heather Murray
Heather Murray
I had my pet fence installed last year by Pet Stop Canada and not only am I thrilled with their product to keep my dog in the yard but their customer service is unmatched.
Matt Dyck
Matt Dyck
The Petstop Canada team is great. Answers the questions right away. I and my dog has a good life after we have a plexi door. I donot need to worry about taking him out for washroom during cold weather. He goes and comes back on his own at the side of my house. He doesnot need to wait for me while I am at work. The plexi door was on my wooden door at my old house and now it is on the wall at my new house. Tim is great . He is always there to help out with any issues with the door. At my old place, he even helped me to find the whole exterior door since my old door was half glass and half wood. He installed whole exterior door with plexi door on it. Also, the new installation on the wall is clean and perfect.
Rojey Shrestha
Rojey Shrestha
Always very quick at getting items that I have needed to me in a timely fashion
Mark Hirch
Mark Hirch

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The team at Pet Fence Canada are real people. We love to hear from current and potential clients so feel free to contact us by phone, thru online chat or e-mail.

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