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Welcome to Pet Fence Canada’s Partner Program – a unique collaboration designed for businesses .

As a leader in pet containment technology and training solutions, we are excited to invite you to be part of our mission to give dog owners the peace of mind to let their dogs run.

Become a Partner

Becoming a partner is easy! Our team takes care of everything to make it super simple. Together, we can give dog owners the peace of mind to let their dogs run, knowing they will stay right where they are supposed to be.

Your Partner Package Arrives

As part of the Pet Fence Canada Partner Program, you will receive an exclusive partner package. This carefully curated package includes four innovative QR code tags to help you direct your customers to your special landing page. Alongside these tags, you’ll find business cards personalized to represent your unique partnership with us.

Additionally, as a token of our appreciation and commitment to mutual success, the package contains special coupons for your customers. These coupons offer your customers a special gift, fostering a rewarding experience for your business and enhancing the value you provide to your customer base.

This package is not just a collection of items, but a toolkit to empower and grow your business .

Your Customer Scans the QR Code

With just a simple scan of the QR Code customers are instantly introduced to our partnership.  This seamless digital experience not only provides comprehensive information about our cutting-edge technology but also offers peace of mind to pet owners. They can confidently choose from our products, knowing they are investing in a system that genuinely cares for the welfare of their beloved pets.

With each scan, we bridge the gap between advanced technology and the essential need for pet safety and happiness.

Your Landing Page

At Pet Fence Canada, we take our partnership to the next level by creating a landing page exclusively for each of our valued partners at

This dedicated page prominently features your business logo, ensuring your brand stands out. It also includes all your essential contact information and direct links to your website, streamlining the connection between potential customers and your services.

What’s more, when customers visit our web store via your unique landing page, special discount codes are automatically applied to their purchases. This seamless integration not only enhances the shopping experience but also offers tangible benefits to the customers.

This approach reinforces our shared commitment to providing the best value and service to pet owners.

Special Discounts

Our commitment to rewarding relationships is at the heart of our partner program. When customers make a purchase, they enjoy the benefit of receiving an exclusive discount.

Simultaneously, as a token of our appreciation for our partners’ valuable contributions, we issue a ‘Thank You’ payment for each sale generated through their referral. This system is our way of ensuring that our partners are recognized and rewarded. It’s a win-win situation – customers save on  products, and our partners receive tangible rewards for their successful referrals, reinforcing our collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership.

Benefits of Joining

Joining the Pet Fence Canada Partner Program is a seamless and rewarding experience that requires no time investment and absolutely no costs to you!

Our program is designed to ensure your customers are not just satisfied, but genuinely happy.

As our partner, you’ll enjoy ‘Thank You’ rewards as a token of our appreciation for every successful referral, directly contributing to your business growth. More than just a partnership, we see ourselves as your cheerleaders, actively supporting and celebrating your successes. We’re committed to ensuring that your customers’ experience is exceptionally positive, reflecting well on your business.

What Are Other Pet Professionals Saying?

Want to hear what other pet professionals are saying about their partnership with us?  Hear firsthand from businesses and individuals who have joined the Pet Fence Canada partner program in our mission to enhance pet safety. They share their experiences, insights, and the tangible benefits they’ve witnessed since becoming a part of the Pet Fence Canada family.

These testimonials not only highlight the success stories and the positive impact of our products but also provide a deeper understanding of the collaborative spirit that drives our partner program

“It’s great, Tim makes sure my customers are well taken care of.  I really like the Cute As A Button promo they send to my customers whose dogs have graduated from the obedience program.”  


“It’s a really great partnership that saves me a lot of hassle.” 


Source K9 training and rehabilitation logo
“Tim has taken care of my customers, it’s easy for me.  The monthly payout is a bonus and I get no cost marketing.”  

– Poppy

What Are Customers Saying About Us?

Super friendly , accommodating and fast service perfect all round.
greg martell
greg martell
Excellent Service. Tim runs a business like a pro. He is ALWAYS pleasant and responds immediately!
Red Fox
Red Fox
Tim helped me purchase Plexdor and arrange the installation. Thanks to his effort, my dogs have access to the yard right after we have moved into a new house. A great product and great services, Thank you!
Yuko Muramatsu
Yuko Muramatsu
Pet Stop installed an electronic fence for us a few years ago. It worked very well. We are very happy about the quality of the job and the after-sales service they provided. We would strongly recommend them to whoever need an electronic fence for their pets. Plus, Tim is a great guy to work with.
shawn liu
shawn liu
We've had our PetStop system on our acreage for 15 years, it's still going strong. Nothing but good things to say about the service they continue to give us today.
Cory Wagner
Cory Wagner
We’ve been happy customers for over 8 years. The customer service we’ve received is one of the highlights of the system. The system works amazingly well and we recommended it to our neighbors. 2 of our neighbors now have this system and are happy as well:)
Up N Built Construction Ltd
Up N Built Construction Ltd
The team at Pet Fence Canada (formally Pet Stop Canada) are technically amazing, professional and love animals with all their heart. I thank Tim and his team for now giving our dogs the freedom to roam around the two acres of land carved out for them. When installing the system the team arrived on time, and they were fully equipped to do the job. We received learning materials, safety signs for the public to know we had the new system, and to announce that the dogs were learning/ running free. PFC also made sure we had reference material and strong technical support for guidance. This is a turnkey operation, and we did not even need the tip sheet, the system ran falsely. We would highly recommend Pet Fence Canada and I know our 19-month-old German shepherd husky cross would say “thank you for making my dreams come true and allowing me to run free.”
Heather Murray
Heather Murray
I had my pet fence installed last year by Pet Stop Canada and not only am I thrilled with their product to keep my dog in the yard but their customer service is unmatched.
Matt Dyck
Matt Dyck
The Petstop Canada team is great. Answers the questions right away. I and my dog has a good life after we have a plexi door. I donot need to worry about taking him out for washroom during cold weather. He goes and comes back on his own at the side of my house. He doesnot need to wait for me while I am at work. The plexi door was on my wooden door at my old house and now it is on the wall at my new house. Tim is great . He is always there to help out with any issues with the door. At my old place, he even helped me to find the whole exterior door since my old door was half glass and half wood. He installed whole exterior door with plexi door on it. Also, the new installation on the wall is clean and perfect.
Rojey Shrestha
Rojey Shrestha
Always very quick at getting items that I have needed to me in a timely fashion
Mark Hirch
Mark Hirch
A cute dog looking at his owner.

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